Junior ML and DL developer


Junior ML and DL developer

We are looking for ML and DL developers to work on the current projects. The range of actual tasks is quite broad thus this vacancy will fit both experienced developers and beginners who are ready to try their skills in unique creative assignments.

We are waiting for candidates with:

  • Experience in development and training of models based on deep convolutional networks for computer vision.
  • Proficiency in one of the popular  deep machine learning frameworks (TensorFlow, PyTorch, MxNet, ..)
  • Familiarity with Python language for machine learning, data processing, and analysis
  • Striving and the ability to learn independently new approaches and technologies, e.g., to learn a new programming language, or to understand well the third-party library/framework.
  • Interest in the image processing and machine learning.
  • Understanding of the basics of linear algebra and probability theory.
  • Knowledge of basic algorithms and data structures.
  • Familiarity with the development of Windows and UNIX-like systems.
  • Knowledge of English at the level sufficient to understand technical documentation and scientific articles, as well as to communicate with foreign colleagues on a project matters.
  • Knowledge of modern processes of software development.

We offer our employees:

  • Interesting and complex tasks;
  • Professional growth in advanced and viable projects;
  • Completely white salary and registration in accordance with the LC RF;
  • Flexible work schedule;
  • Bonuses, Double pay for overtime
  • 4 weeks of paid vacation;
  • Workplace in a modern office;
  • The number of sweets, tea, coffee is infinite.

Feel free to apply this job or use e-mail hr@cvisionlab.com





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