CVisionLab - Solutions for Computer Vision problems
Pickup, Bike, Sedan, Hatchback

Classification Parking

Automated vehicle classification by type, style, and purpose based on shape and features.

Rotten tomato detected

Classification Agriculture

The distinction of the signs of a product decay (deterioration) in food processing and agriculture industry.

Quality check: OK

Quality Check

Real-time industrial objects classification by type to remove the different one from the conveyor belt.

Blouse, Skirt (Midi), Handbag

Classification Clothes

Online shopping help, recognition of the hot trends. By the image of a piece of clothing, we can help you find it online.

Liquid, No metal, Phone

Classification X-Ray

At the security checkpoint identification of the objects not allowed on the board of the airplane.

Sea, Road, Residential house, Pool

Classification Aerophoto

Using resolution satellite image we classified objects as they are roads, buildings, pools or other for business and administrative intent.

Detection Parking

Detection of parking lot spots to estimate available or occupied space and vehicle on the street.

Detection Agriculture

Detection of the damaged vegetable to be picked from the container to discard.

Quality Check

Industrial object's borders and edges detection to construct assembling mechanism

Detection Clothes

Visual discovery and new experience of online shopping to find a stylish element which makes the look complete.

Detection X-Ray

Electronics and liquid containers detection in real life video stream at the security checkpoint.

Detection Aerophoto

Urban and landscape object detection to identify density for business development assumption or administrative purposes.

Segmentation Parking

The allocation of an object or a car, the type and model of a vehicle on parking lots and any other settings using real-time video broadcast.

Segmentation Agriculture

Recognition and evaluation of the area of the damaged product to assist in the calculation of total waste and loss.

Quality Check

The liquid level determination, fullness of container or absence of filler as well as other critical quality control processes.

Segmentation Clothes

Allocation of the trending accessories or any fashion elements to support the creation of the desired look in the online shopping and style enhancement.

Segmentation X-Ray

Presence of electronics, containers filled with liquid or other specified items inside of the bag or within an article can be determined in a real-time while in the process of the security check

Segmentation Aerophoto

Recognition of the urban and environmental components and understanding of the topographic layout by segmenting high-resolution satellite images.

Regression Parking

Vehicle size and other measurements retrieve in real time ensure the proper fitment on the parking lot or the available space best fulfilment


For our clients working in the agriculture and in the industry of food processing, we can help to find items which do not meet the size standards in a quality check process.

Quality Check

Support of the performance of the quality control process to eliminate the item not fitting the size standards.

Regression Clothes

Find the right piece of the outfit by its size while shopping online to follow the latest fashion trends and to complete the look at its best.

Regression X-Ray

To enhance the security assurance process the size of restricted items can be allocated in the real-time video stream at the checkpoint procedure.


The determination of the size and position of any urban or landmark objects using an aero photo image for real estate companies, agriculture industry operators, government agencies and business clientele.






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We follow the industrial standards requirements creating a set of instruments and industry-leading technologies to apply them in computer image processing.


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