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Сase Studies



Face Analysis

Multifunctional solution for human face detection, analysis and recognition

Demo Cloud

NSFW Recognition

Solution for recognition of Not Safe For Work sexual content

Demo Cloud

Brand Recognition

Out-of-the-box solution for brand logo recognition

Demo Cloud

Background Removal

An optimized solution for image background removal

Demo Cloud

Object Detection

Out-of-the-box solution for brand logo recognition

Demo Cloud

Image Labelling

Extensive out-of-the-box solution for image labelling

Demo Cloud

Mask Detection

High-accuracy solution for medical masks detection

Demo Cloud

PPE Recognition for CCTV

Multifunctional high-accuracy solution for recognition of personal protective equipment, clothing and accessories

Demo Cloud


Solution for recognizing clothes and accessories in images

Demo Cloud

Panoramas 360°

Create 360° panorama using just a smartphone


Stop touching your face WebApp

Monitor face touches to prevent COVID-19 spread


Computer Vision for Medicine

Analyze X-Ray images to for medical diagnosing



Cloud Solutions

As an official Google Cloud and Yandex Cloud Partner, CVisionLab can offer the creation of a complete end-to-end AI/ML solution in the cloud.

No matter how big your company is, what objectives you have or which industry you are from. Combining cutting edge AI/ML and secure, reliable and scalable cloud technologies together, we can help you to build the right solution that fits your scale and needs.

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We are customer-centric. We apply a full set of world-class technologies, unique tools, and professional skills in computer vision. We specialize in computer vision and deliver it.



Transparent workflow

A transparency in the process of development of the project is the keystone of building a productive communication with the client.



Cutting-edge technologies

We follow the industrial standards requirements creating a set of instruments and industry-leading technologies to apply them in computer image processing.



Professional team

It’s not that easy to become a part of our team. One has to study mathematics and programming in the best universities in the world for number of years for that.



10+ years experience

Utilising more than 10 years of experience we successfully implement computer vision, machine learning, and image processing to find the best solution for the customer and create a technically advanced product.



50+ satisfied clients

We have an expertise in working on individual projects as well as on projects which were components of a large software complex development for more than 50 customers in various fields starting from healthcare to agriculture.



CVisionLab datacenter

We provide a computing resources at the prices much lower than popular data centers. This results in a significant reduction of the cost of the projects.







The team had a very concrete and pragmatic approach.

Chief Technology & Digital Officer, Tech Company

CVisionLab resolved critical problems and delivered on time, which isn’t always the case with service providers.

Head of Development, Medical Robotics Co

Our team got a boost in development.

Yuri Chaikin, CEO, 3D Scanner Manufacturer

They used techniques that weren’t readily available at the time and built a state-of-the-art system.

Former Owner, Komplwtigo Systems c.v.

Their professional and customer-oriented approach was most impressive.

CEO, Medical AI Company

Their final report and overall quality of work product were outstanding.

Professor, Cornell University

They were consummate professionals.

Development Director, Serious Games International

CVisionLab's leadership is smart and technical people with a relevant academic background.

CTO, Image Editing App

CVisionLab works flawlessly via Slack and Jira today, with weekly update calls to discuss progress and problems.

CTO, Technology Startup

I was impressed with their skills and professionalism. They are a company you'll reach out to just for advice.

CTO, PicsArt

Our company and investors see tremendous value in CVision Lab’s services.

CEO, Bloom Automation

They've managed to keep everything running smoothly.

Owner, Visual Effects Software Company

Project management was excellent.

CEO, Veert














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