Car Background Removal

Car Background Removal

Specialized solution for removing background from images with cars

Licence Plate


This solution is specialized for car images and provides high-accuracy car segmentation and background removal with the option of adding special shadow effects.

Background removal

The algorithm paints out the background area to only keep the foreground.

Shadow effects

Optionally, it adds realistic shadows to the segmented car.

Blurring licence plates

The solution blurs car plates no matter the country or shape.

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Car Background Removal from CVisionLab is born from the best machine learning practices, thorough testing and mature integration processes.


The service is developed, tested and ready to go.


This is a completely cloud-based solution which provides high reliability and uptime.

for accuracy

This solution is designed specifically for car images.


Works on images with poor lighting, distortions and low quality.

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Use cases

This Car Background Removal solution is a ready-to-go tool for car retailers and dealers of any size. It allows for quick preparation of ad placements or catalogue creation to your taste and marketing goals saving your business a great deal of designer time and money.

Car dealerships

Use this algorithm to quickly strip the car images of background and add natural shadow effects, then just apply any background of your choice - and your car ad placement is ready to go.

Car-themed web sources

If you specialize in car wikis or any other vehicle info resources, this solution will save you a bunch of time and help you get the best visuals for your website.

Graphic design services

Do you provide graphic design services and get a lot of car-related requests? This solution will allow you to work quicker and more efficiently on such projects.



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