Image Anonymization

Image Anonymization

Reliable solution for detection of sensitive areas in an image and their automatic blurring

Licence Plate


This solution automatically detects faces and license plates in an image and applies blurring making sensitive areas unrecognizable.


The algorithm detects human faces and car license plates and provides coordinates of those objects in an image to draw bounding boxes around them.


This solution can detect and anonymize all types of objects in the same image with no need of switching between modes.


The algorithm applies intense blurring to detected objects inside the borders of the bounding boxes it defines.

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We have found 1 face and 1 licence plate on this image.

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Image Anonymization from CVisionLab is born from the best machine learning practices, thorough testing and mature integration processes.


The service is developed, tested and ready to go.


This is a completely cloud-based solution which provides high reliability and uptime.


The solution is a must-have for sources that fall under the anonymization rules.


Resilient to lighting conditions and small distortions.

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Use cases

If your product deals with sensitive data such as human faces and license plates, this solution is an irreplaceable tool to quickly process your data and make sure it cannot be used to harm individual and corporate security and privacy.

Medical services

Medical databases can store thousands of images containing human faces irrelevant for the diagnosis. Make sure to anonymize your patients’ data by using this Image Anonymization solution.

Street view footage

Map street view requires tons of potentially sensitive data, and since its data is publicly accessible, it requires anonymization for individuals and license plates which can quickly be done with this solution.

Advertisement and image sharing

Integrate a one-click Image Anonymization option into your marketplace or image sharing website to allow users to sell and buy items, and share their data with the privacy they require.



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