Wine Recognition

Wine Recognition

Extensive solution for wine label recognition

Fuligni Brunello di Montalcino 2013: 98.89%


This solution analyzes a given image with a wine label and gives its suggestions on the wine label name, the type of wine and its vintage when available.

Wine recognition

The algorithm gives its suggestions for the most probable wine labels in the picture along with its confidence level value.

Large labelmap

This solution is based on hundreds of thousands of different wine labels covering a significant part of wine manufacturers and types.

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Top 3 types of wine found on this image:

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Wine Recognition from CVisionLab is born from the best machine learning practices, thorough testing and mature integration processes.


The service is developed, tested and ready to go.


This is a completely cloud-based solution which provides high reliability and uptime.


This solution covers a huge number of different wine labels.


Resilient to lighting conditions, rotation, small distortions.

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Use cases

Wine Recognition is a self-sustained solution for any wine or food related business. It can be easily integrated into mobile applications which implies a wide range of possible uses, from integration into applications of popular retail malls to specialty wine boutiques.

Product identification app

Expand your application for product identification by integrating a Wine Recognition section to it with a large variety of wine labels in its database.

Wine boutique app

Enhance the experience of your precious customers by introducing them with a Wine Recognition app to give them information about wine availability and more.

Automatic wine stocktaking

Automate your product accounting by using a Wine Recognition app to make a quick record of wine in your storage and it’s demand among customers.



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