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Who we are

CVisionLab is the provider of R&D services and developer of custom solutions for challenging Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence problems.

Over the decade, CVisionLab has developed core parts of video surveillance systems, Imagery-based quality control for manufacturing, medical imagery analysis, recognition systems for satellite imagery, augmented reality and computer graphics products.



CVisionLab founded in 2007

Custom Software
Since 2007



CVisionLab worked on hundreds of projects

100+ End-to-End



CVisionLab helped companies in thier goals

12+ Products Double
its Capitalization




Get a Сonsultation from us if you are


Executive in Industry

In the EU, 53% of сompanies have already benefited from AI product deployment. A lot of spheres re-engineering themselves for more effective automatization to reduce costs and increase pro-activity.


Increasing Accuracy

You have got quite good scores with your ML team, but your business executives demand better results. We’ll discuss with you how to do it. And offer different algorithms to try.


Newly Business

With a reliable outsourced team, you can get a professional critique of your ideas on the initial phase of the project. We’ve got 100 000 hours of credible experience in all spheres of Computer Vision.



Why we are not like others


We are not financially attached to any source or technology, so the solution which we create will benefit to our clients and their business processes

We take parts and pieces available from latest technology and build absolutly new instruments. Like system administrators do not develop from scratch but integrate components into the company’s workflow to get well working system.


We find company structure far better than individual and independent work

Brainstorming and sharing ideas or developers’ scalability and consultations with cross-teams and technical experts more comfortable with teamwork, where different roles help increment values by solving tasks from different angles.



100% Success rate on Upwork

During work on a project, a lot may change, like scope or cost increase. Thus we always try to manage it and provide reliable developers and predefined deliverables. What remains unchanged is client satisfaction.


Jovis Bijvoets

Jovis Bijvoets

CEO of Justitia Digitalis

Regarding CVisionLab, I can only express myself in positive words. I knew on forehand that the requirements for my project (video content analysis and face recognition) were challenging to contemporary techniques nevertheless CVisionLab was able to build a highly satisfiable set of applications, which are now incorporated into a larger system. The most important applications were the VCA and face recognition applications, but CVisionLab provided several extra tools, for example, to model and train the VCA world.

Our cooperation always has been good. The communication is clear; emails are responded quickly. Used techniques and applications are well documented and explained.

Once upon a time, we had some performance issues in the VCA part. We had a Skype session about the subject and worked things out. CVisionaLab presented several suggestions of which I could choose the best. I was very content with the way CVisionLab reached on the situation and how the issues were solved.




Meet our team


CVisionLab Anniversary

We keep in heart one core idea – the team is key to success.



Office in Taganrog



experts in Python

30+ Experts in
Python and C++



dedicated team with self-awareness


We are proud of punctuality, high level of self-awareness, and discipline of our teammates. This characteristic of us as the dedicated team shows through our daily activities.



CVisionlab's seminars

Join us on meetups and seminars in our makeshift amphitheater.



tech-meetups and brainstorming

We encourage our talents to be engaged in professional conferences (CVPR, NIPS, ICCV, ECCV) and tech-meetups.




Our Execute and Co-Founder, Alexander Gorban, continue research work and got publications in Machine Learning.



TensorFlow, Caffe, PyTorch




best place for new talents

We always open to new talents

Come and check the benefits of working with us. Even when we do not have open vacancies, we would be glad to meet with you.
But we do. Click below.

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