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Consulting in AI


Our experts help startups and enterprises to develop and integrate AI technologies for visual quality inspection, medical and microscopic image analysis, optical character recognition, precision agriculture, and many others.

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Artificial Intelligence for your Strategy


AI Consulting for CEO

Industrial innovation

Breakthought in the field of AI give CEO advanced instuments for Technology, Consumer, Finance, Professional services, Health Care, Production industries with Computer Vision.


AI Consulting for CTO

AI Department Development

As we are contributors to TensorFlow, Caffe, PyTorch, and many others, we’ll support embedding that knowledge into your business process.


AI Consulting for Research

Expertise for Research

Our PhD in Computer Science and Maths with teaching experience will help you to build a strong theoretical background in modern AI and will enhance futher practical implementation of your knowledge.




Comprehensive and Sufficient Skills


12 years in AI

12 Years of Experience

Since 2007 we are involved in Machine Learning and mainly in Computer vision and Deep Learning. We started with the beginning of rising the last wave in AI.


Experts in AI

Education Center

With collaboration with the best graduate and post graduate schools in Maths of South of Russia we continue teaching and rising future experts of Artificial Intelligence.


AI integration

Integration Experience

More than 60% of projects with implementation of our AI become a part of bigger systems. We grew thought challenges clients face on this path, and we can assure that it will flow effortlessly.


AI consulting

Project Team

The shared experience of project team development for more than 100 projects will enhance your workflow best practices. We know how to “wear two hats” to contribute to project objectives.


launching AI projects

Implementations and Launching

For the successful flawless launch and implementation of the AI software into production, we provide complete set of technical recommendations and manuals for users.


Machine Learning Expertise

Machine Learning Expertise

We took active part in development of frameworks as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, MxNet, Keras. We know these tools from within and that is why we use CV for building effecient solutions.




Feedback from Clients


Machine Vision Problems

I recommend them highly for any sophisticated image analysis or machine vision tasks.

Implemented Retrographic sensing for the measurement of surface texture and shape.

James Antaki, PhD
Carnegie Mellon University


Duplicate Image Detection

Will working with the team again on projects requiring vision expertise.

CVisionLab team built us a phenomenally effective duplicate image detection system, tuned to the corpus of images.

Niel Berkman, CEO
We Heart It


MVP Development

Satisfied with all aspects (code, docs, planning, communication).

Project was set up to build a proof of concept for computer vision. Based on the results, we started a larger project.

Joris Bijvoets, CEO
Justitia Digitalis


Great ML developer company

CVisionLab did an excellent job working on our projects. It is a great ML developer company. We were pleased by a hard-working and self-motivated team. We felt they were really committed to our project. I hope to work with them again on future projects.

Shlomi Avigdor, CEO
ORCA Dental AI




Team of Experts


We are proud that our team formed from professionals, people not only good and knowledgable in computer science and experienced in writing non-trivial computer programs but also highly reliable and committed mentors to everyone who is interested in areas of Artificial Intelligent.

But this is not all. From life’s lessons we learned that technology rapidly changes but fundamental knowledge of Mathematics stays current when creating models and Data interpretation as a steps for further improvment.

Mathematicians, ML Resarchers, ML Engineers, Data Analytics, Software Developers, Annotators, Project Managers

professionals in-house
hours worked in projects
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Computer Vision Outsource


Having years of experience in different online services of freelance and outsourcing, we can easy confirm theories by practical implementation of prototipes as well as add valuable features to your existing product.

Knowing how difficult could be to transfer a part of work to another team and participate in process of integration or development, we try to provide all-in-one solution to save time and efforts. We are ready to supply in-house reliable dedicated teams.



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