Image Labelling

Image Labelling

Extensive out-of-the-box solution for image labelling

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This solution executes image labelling (classification) and provides labels for the objects recognized in this image.


The algorithm provides its full report for the analyzed image with the most probable classes of the objects that could be present in the image.

Large labelmap

This solution is based on more than a thousand different object classes covering a significant part of potential image themes from household tools to a wide variety of animals, and many more.

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Top 3 classes found on this image

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Image Labelling from CVisionLab is born from the best machine learning practices, thorough testing and mature integration processes.


The service is developed, tested and ready to go.


This is a completely cloud-based solution which provides high reliability and uptime.


This solution covers a huge number of different objects of various kinds.


Resilient to lighting conditions, rotation, small distortions.

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Use cases

This solution is a must-have for quick image analysis. It is perfect for projects with a high-rate product throughput and can process large numbers of images in your pipeline. While Image Labelling covers vast numbers of possible objects, it is also easily customizable.

Production/stock sorting

Perform quick and high-accuracy production/stock sorting and accounting by putting your products through an automated classification and sorting algorithm.

Animal world app

Help your users learn about rare animals and plants that they might encounter in the wild by creating an animals and plants classification application.

Image search engines

Improve your image search engine by integrating Image Labelling to generate meta data and allowing your users to look for images with an enhanced search customization.



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