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It takes a lot of time and effort to take high-quality spherical panoramas indoors: you need professionals or professional equipment with software to get it done. These aren’t easy to find. One of the possible solutions to this problem is technology based on computer vision algorithms. This tech lets you take high-quality panorama photos using nothing more than a regular smartphone.


A start-up company requested CVisionLab. They wanted to use a regular smartphone to take 360º panoramas indoors without special equipment and needed the technology with which the user could take several photos and get a finished panorama of a room with 5K resolution after a few minutes.


The perfect solution ended up being the technology that lets you take panorama photos with your smartphone. The demands for phone hardware aren’t very high—last old devices, like iPhone 8 or Google Pixel 2, work. Many people have phones that fit, making taking panoramas much easier. Users no longer have to look for experts with special equipment.

The technology lets you create high-quality 360º panoramas indoors. This kind of shooting has a problem: the room space is limited by the ceiling and the floor. This is the reason why artifacts can appear in a panorama photo, for example, when the wall and the floor don’t fit. The technology compensates for errors when shooting, axial phone displacement, and lighting problems. As a result, you get a panorama photo of the room without any artifacts.

Use only smartphone camera without special hardware to capture 360° panoramas

Perfect for creating indoor 360° panoramas

Quick Facts

Capturing panoramas without specific hardware: you only need a regular smartphone with a single camera.


Custom image capturing process based on Augmented Reality technology.


Based on open source algorithms. You will have no problems with patents and their owners.


Uses neural network algorithms for image matching. As a result, you get panoramas with clear objects.


Works well for both indoor and outdoor environments. Our algorithm processes photos so well that you will get perfectly stitched indoor and outdoor panoramas.


Uses the GPU for faster image processing. You can use any platform and device — a laptop or an old smartphone — and get a panorama.


Panorama 360° is a new perspective on the concept of photography



Capturing panoramas without specific hardware: you only need a regular smartphone with a single camera.



Show the product range to attract new customers and retain regular ones.


Real Estate

Show the real estate to your clients in exquisite detail anywhere on any device. Panorama 360º gives a detailed view of the object without having to visit it.



Show sights and hotel rooms to clients to spark interest in new tours and advertise top destinations.


Technical overview

C++ • Python • PyTorch • Ceres • ARKit • Swift • ThreeJS


Image registration process: Native SLAM via ARKit/ARCore


Feature points for matching: Cascade of Neural Network models via PyTorch framework


Image stitching app core: C++/Ceres


Panorama viewer technologies: ThreeJS, Swift


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