Cloud Solutions for Computer Vision

We help you to bring computer vision to production on the cloud to ensure security, scalability and reliability.




10+ years in AI



We are an AI-centric team of professional researchers and software engineers that have been researching and implementing state-of-the-art computer vision, machine learning, and image processing for years.


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What we do

Modern, reliable and scalable cloud solutions


As an official Google Cloud and Yandex Cloud Partner, CVisionLab can offer the creation of a complete end-to-end AI/ML solution in the cloud.

No matter how big your company is, what objectives you have or which industry you are from. Combining cutting edge AI/ML and secure, reliable and scalable cloud technologies together, we can help you to build the right solution that fits your scale and needs.







Unleash the power of AI


Many great AI algorithms never go beyond research study. Modern clouds let you unleash the power of AI and go to production fast.

— Alexandr Goncharov, CEO

Consume resources effectively


Using modern serverless cloud technologies you pay only for effectively consumed resources and get prepared for any unpredictable load at the same time.

— Vladislav Gubarev, CTO

Take care about your project


If you think you don’t need the cloud as a platform for your solution then you don’t care too much about potential security issues, reliability and scalability.

— Dmitri Lapin, Team Lead

Process extreme amounts of data


AI journey always starts with data. A lot of data! Nowadays clouds have everything to efficiently source, annotate, analyse, preprocess and store extreme amounts of data more easily than you can imagine.

— Pavel Konovalov, Team Lead





Machine Learning


Having years of hands-on experience in machine learning we unleash full power of modern cloud AI technologies backed by industry leaders.



Serverless solutions


Serverless technologies meet the needs of both small startups and huge enterprises. It maximizes your profits and minimizes your expenses.





Using Kubernetes we achieve scalability, high-performance, enterprise-grade quality, and cost-efficiency.



Big Data


Ambitious ML goes hand in hand with big data. Using cloud technologies like BigQuery, DataFlow/DataProc and DataFusion we are able to build solutions that let us pass through, store and analyze unbelievable amounts of data.








The team had a very concrete and pragmatic approach.

Chief Technology & Digital Officer, Tech Company

CVisionLab resolved critical problems and delivered on time, which isn’t always the case with service providers.

Head of Development, Medical Robotics Co

Our team got a boost in development.

Yuri Chaikin, CEO, 3D Scanner Manufacturer

They used techniques that weren’t readily available at the time and built a state-of-the-art system.

Former Owner, Komplwtigo Systems c.v.

Their professional and customer-oriented approach was most impressive.

CEO, Medical AI Company

Their final report and overall quality of work product were outstanding.

Professor, Cornell University

They were consummate professionals.

Development Director, Serious Games International

CVisionLab’s leadership is smart and technical people with a relevant academic background.

CTO, Image Editing App

CVisionLab works flawlessly via Slack and Jira today, with weekly update calls to discuss progress and problems.

CTO, Technology Startup

I was impressed with their skills and professionalism. They are a company you’ll reach out to just for advice.

CTO, PicsArt

Our company and investors see tremendous value in CVision Lab’s services.

CEO, Bloom Automation

They’ve managed to keep everything running smoothly.

Owner, Visual Effects Software Company

Project management was excellent.

CEO, Veert






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