We wish you Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

We wish you Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

СVisionLab congratulates you on the upcoming New Year holidays! A challenging but exciting year that has brought us together and made us stronger is coming to an end. It is time to turn this page of the calendar and look into the new year 2021 with a smile and hope for the best. May the next year be successful and happy for you, may all your dreams come true and your goals be accomplished!

A lot of miracles happen during this magical time of the year.

Mathematics is also marvellous “magic”!

CVisionLab was founded on March 11, 2010, by students of the Laboratory of Mathematical Methods of Artificial Intelligence of Taganrog Radio Engineering University. Mathematics is the foundation on which the work of our company is built and we sincerely love it, which is why we are delighted with non-transitive processes. At first glance they are absurd and contrary to common sense, but they obey the strict laws of mathematics.

Once Warren Buffett, the world’s most successful investor, decided to pull off the non-transitive dice trick with Bill Gates, but the Microsoft founder immediately smelled a rat. He studied the dice long enough, then politely suggested that Buffett choose first. Why, huh?

How does it work?

An amusing game based on recent research from Stanford University will trick and baffle your friends. These so-called “Non Transitive Dice” (Magic Dice) demonstrate a probability that blows your mind (violates common sense) and traps the unwary.


Ask your opponent to select any one of the dice. You select another one, and then both dice are rolled simultaneously a pre-agreed number of times. The one whose dice showed the highest number wins.

In the game “Top 10 Throws” you will almost always have more wins.

Suggest that the player choose another dice – let’s say your “winner” – choose another dice for yourself and continue the game. You’ll win again.

Whichever dice your opponent selects, your “player” will always win in a run of 10 or more rolls.

The Secret

Turn up the highest number on each of the four dice and arrange them in a circle, as shown in the diagram.

Following a clockwise circle, the dice with numbers “6” and “2”, called the 6-2, will beat the numbers of the dice 5-1, which is next in the circle and which in turn beats the 4-0 dice, which beats the 3-3… WHICH IN TURN BEATS the 6-2! Your advantage is that you will win 24 times out of 36 – that is 2 times out of 3, or, in other words, 66% of the time.

So whichever dice your opponent chooses – and part of the strategy is to have him choose the dice first – you take the next dice backwards in the circle (see the diagram).




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